爱游戏app将帮助您完成接下来需要采取的所有步骤, from tracking the progress of your application and interviews to accepting your offer.


Our live online webinars allow you to chat to our expert staff and current students. 了解更多 about your chosen subject and get the 支持 you need to make the right decision for your future.



你可以使用爱游戏app的 应用程序跟踪.

Depending 在你的课程, we may invite you for an interview before we make our decision.


As a response to COVID-19 we are currently operating a 'blended model' of teaching and learning. This means a combination of face-to-face sessions on our campuses with online lectures. There is additional 支持 for any students who are unable to attend campus because they are ill or shielding.

爱游戏app将继续为所有学生提供混合学习, 符合政府的指导方针, 只要有人建议爱游戏app这么做. 如果政府或地方当局规定需要的话, we may be limited to offering online-only learning but will return to blended learning as soon as we are safely able to do so.

你可以找到更多关于 爱游戏app如何支持爱游戏app的学生 还有爱游戏app提供的额外支持 学生健康服务 and Student’s Union to help our students to stay connected with university life.


如果你注册了全日制课程, the time you spend studying each week should be roughly equivalent to a full-time job. This covers lectures, tutorials, workshops and time for independent study. 一些课程(e.g. nursing and teaching) will have work placements built into the course.

如果你是兼职学习, your hours should reduce in proportion with the number of modules you are studying.

To see how your course is split between taught hours and independent study, 访问课程页面 在爱游戏app的网站上.




如果你是英国学生,你可能有资格申请 学生贷款. 国际学生 may be able to access a loan in their home countries. 例如,来自美国的学生可能有资格 联邦贷款.


爱游戏app提供 奖学金和助学金, from 支持 with travel costs and equipment to awards for elite sportspeople. Eligible new EU students will receive a discount on their first-year fees with our new 欧盟奖学金.


在伦敦和肯特郡有很多带薪工作的机会. 爱游戏app招募 学生大使 并通过爱游戏app的 学生工会查尔顿体育社区信托基金.

我是一名国际学生. 我如何申请签证?


You can apply for your visa as soon as you have a Confirmation for Acceptance of Studies (CAS) from us.

要给你发CAS,爱游戏app需要你接受你的报价 交订金 在你的课程.

You can submit your visa application online up to three months before your course starts. You will need to visit your local Visa Application Centre to submit your documents. (这可能发生在邻国.)

You may be invited to an interview to discuss why you wish to study in the UK. You will also be asked to submit evidence that you meet the financial requirements to study in the UK.



如果你满足某些条件, you will be able to apply online for a Student Visa from within the UK.

作为这个的一部分, you will need to scan and upload some 支持ing documents and pay the relevant fees. (如果您在家无法上网,爱游戏app可以帮助您进行扫描.)

如果您以前没有在英国提供过生物识别身份, 您将被要求在UKVCAS服务点预约.



如果你是欧盟成员国, 经济区, 或瑞士国家, and you were living in the UK before the end of the transition period, 你需要申请 欧盟结算机制 留在英国.

我是一名国际学生. 我怎么交押金?

您可以通过以下方式支付预注册押金(3000英镑) 西部联合电报公司GlobalPay 或通过银行转账.

您会收到西联环球支付的收据, and you can track the payment on the payment portal using the 'Track your payment' tab.

一旦支付了这笔钱, you can begin the process of getting your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number, 你的学生签证申请需要什么.

You must pay your deposit by certain deadlines to get your CAS in time to begin - usually 2-3 weeks before your course starts. 爱游戏app会在每次入学前几个月公布这些日期.



When you select the university as your firm choice or accept your offer, 你就能进入爱游戏app的传送门. 从这里,你可以 申请住宿 在爱游戏app的大厅.

If you 申请住宿 by late August (usually a week after results day), we can guarantee you a place in university halls as long as you meet some basic criteria.


如果您预订2021-22届的住宿, you can cancel for any reason up to three weeks before your contract begins, 您的押金将全额退还.

如果大学变成了一个完全虚拟的校园, you won’t need to pay for your room - provided your keys are returned and your room is vacated. 爱游戏app将为您保留房间,专门供您回来时使用. If this occurs after 1 May, you can terminate your contract permanently.



The University of Greenwich has three campuses in south-east London and Kent. An intercampus巴士服务 provides free travel between Greenwich and Avery Hill and low-cost 服务 to Medway.

爱游戏app is home to our 业务 School and Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 还有爱游戏app的一些教育和健康课程. It sits on a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of Greenwich town centre, 从伦敦市中心乘火车要10分钟.

艾弗里山校区 是爱游戏app的教育、卫生学院的所在地 & 人文科学和学生村. It is located in Eltham which is 30 minutes by train from central London.

校园梅德韦 是爱游戏app工程学院的所在地吗 & Science and has great facilities, including first-class laboratories. It sits by Chatham dockside in Kent, 45 minutes by train from central London.


我已经确认了我的报价. 现在发生了什么?

You can join one of our exclusive events for offer holders, which take place throughout the year.

随着你开始工作的日期临近, 访问爱游戏app的欢迎区 有关你下一步的更新,例如:

  • 登记
  • 要设置
  • 你的入职周(包括虚拟活动和校内活动)
  • 来自您学院的介绍.